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Start Now! FREE!!! includes one free Shopping Cart, one home page. 点击免费注册!包括一免费购物车及一页网站。
Multiple Layer Menu!!! ONLY US$39.99/year more, you can upgrade your website with 20 extra pages.(only some templates support this feature!)
US$77.77/year includes one year free domain name, 7 pages website, 5 email accounts, 50 upload photos for albums, dynamic Google Map, and one year 2000M hosting space with multiple design templates to choose.
77.77美元/年 包括免费顶级域名注册,7 页网站,5 个电子邮件帐户,50 张相册图片,动态Google地图,多种网站设计模版选择,和一年2000M空间的网站托管。
Price Free US$77.77/Year US$107.76/Year
Home Page
Shopping Cart
Dynamic Form
Google Map
Hosting Space 50M 2000M 5000M
Domain Name No
Album Photos No 50 200
Calendar No
Email Account No 5 10
Extra Pages No 5 12
ONLY US$29.99/year , you can get another language version website! For more information, check the right help column in your Control Panel.
Flame Template Slider Template God is Love Template Boston Template Daycare Four Template Lamp Template Daycare Ten Template Aggregate Template Daycare Five Template
New Features
New Features ...
  • More new Slider Website Templates come out, click here for more information, please!
  • Our Control Panel has been upgraded to the SSL, which is the backbone of the secure Internet and it protects our customers sensitive information as it travels across the world. It keeps the Internet from being ruled by anarchists and criminals and provides many direct benefits to our customers.
  • Customized Form Feature is available now, you can check in your Control Panel.
  • Two Language Version Website is available now, you can apply in your Control Panel and let your website become two languages version.
  • Social Media Feature is available in your Control Panel, you can turn on or off as you like, and let your website shared in Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Chinese version help instructions are online now, click here or login the Chinese control panel for more details, please!
  • The RBC Our Daily Bread Listening/Reading Widget is available now, click here for more details, which have both English and Chinese versions.
  • The Daily Bibile Reading Widget and the Streams in the Desert Widget have been online, click here for more details, which have both English and Chinese versions.
  • You can Upload Large Video to your website now, for more information click here.
  • You can generate a dynamic Google MAP on your CONTACT US page, this feature is located in your Control Panel!
  • Album feature allows you set up multiple albums, and upload your favorite photos to your website!
  • There are SEVEN customized website pages for the Zion Hosting templates users!
  • You can turn on or turn off your website pages in your control panel.
Other Customized Services ...
  • Upgrade to the multiple layer menu user (US$39.99/year), you can have more 20 extra pages website.(only some templates support this feature!)
  • Customize your own sliders (designed and provided by the user self) for slider templates with ONLY US$29.99.
  • Upgrade to the premium user (US$29.99/year), you can have 7 extra pages, 200 photos in the Album, and 10 email accounts.
  • ONLY US$29.99/year, You can get another language version website!
  • Customize your own banner (designed and provided by the user self) for a specific template with ONLY US$29.99.
  • Own your unique professional logo US$49.99+.
  • Unique professional design template for your website US$399.99+.
New Features
新增功能 ...
  • 推出最新流行幻灯式网站模板,详细信息请点击这里
  • 《锡安托管》控制面板升级使用 SSL ,SSL可实现网络数据传输中的机密性、消息的完整性、保护数据免受重放攻击(replay-attack) 、免受recorder攻击(reorder-attack) 及实现端点验证。这将使我们的客户大大受益!
  • 自定义动态表格功能已经在线,您可登录到您的控制面板进行尝试。
  • 双语言版本网站已经开通,您可登录到您的控制面板进行申请。审批成功后,您的网站将成为双语网站。
  • 社会媒体功能现已开通,您可登录到您的控制面板进行设置。这一功能将贵网站推广到:Facebook、Twitter及Google+。
  • 中文版使用说明已经在线,点击这里或登录到您的控制面板查看!
New Features
New Co-Profit Plan
  • EARN US$10 for one reference purchased user, which is recurring credit with the renewing. (check your refrence code in your Control Panel)
  • 8 reference purchased users give you one year FREE domain regiatration and hosting.
  • Get your COMMISION for 8+ reference purchased users.
  • Contact us now by email or click Contact Us for more information.
New Features
  • 推荐一个有效用户,您便可或得 US$10 的佣金。该用户若每年持续使用《锡安托管》的服务,您便可每年持续获得 US$10 的佣金。(请在您的控制面板里获得您的推荐代码)
  • 若推荐八个有效用户,您便可获得一年 免费 域名注册和网站托管。
  • 推荐八个以上有效用户,您便可收到《锡安托管》支付您的佣金
  • 若有问题,请使用电子邮件 或点击 联系我们 与我们联系。
Affordable, worthwhile -- Zion Hosting provides lower price, higher quality, and the best service! US$77.77/year includes one year free domain name, 7 pages website, 5 email accounts, 50 upload photos for albums, dynamic Google Map, and one year 2000M hosting space with multiple design templates to choose.
Fast, simple -- Zion Hosting is a self website builder, which adopts the builder frameset, and the user doesn't need programming knowledge. Users can use our flexible control panel to build their websites in minutes.
Flexible, convenient -- Zion Hosting has an experienced professional website development team, who has created lots of modern website templates. Users can choose and use them freely.
Safe, reliable -- Zion Hosting cooperates with American professional website hosting company, which provides stable hosting server. We also use the online security payment system to guarentee your safe payment!
Zion Hosting is located in the North America, and rooted in the China. Our clients can show their products or services all over the world. Here are some samples Sino Church and La Petite Maison Rouge.
Remember! Zion Hosting gives our customers high priority.
价廉,质高 -- 锡安托管 以低廉的价格,提供优质的服务!US$77.77/年包括一年免费顶级域名,7 页网站,5 个电子邮件帐户,50 张相册图片,动态Google地图,多种网站设计模版选择,和一年2000M空间的网站托管。
快速,简捷 -- 锡安托管 是首家横跨加中,采用自建网站框架,客户无须懂得编程,只需会输入汉字便可迅速建立自己的网站。以最快速,最简捷的方式交流产品,互通信息。
灵活,方便 -- 锡安托管 拥有一个具有多年网站开发的队伍。他们创建许多专业级的模板,供客户选用。
安全,可靠 -- 锡安托管 与北美专业级的主机托管公司联手,为您提供安全,可靠的服务器。同时采用网上支付系统,确保您的网上订购安全!
锡安托管 坐落于北美,置根于中国。任何企业和社团都有机会在此向海外商家展示他们的产品,求得互助项目。作为我们的成员,您可以获得更大商机。例如,华人教会大乘文化学校 就是我们的两个客户,可供您参考。
请记住! 锡安托管 视客户为亲人,让您获得最大效益。
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